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What’s In A Name? Sometimes, An Automatic Rejection Email

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The other day I was reading a political article and the author mentioned interviewing “older voters.” The first “older voter” she interviewed was 53 — my age. It stunned me. I wondered, “If I’m an older voter at 53, what about the people who are 63, 73, 83, and 93?”When does one become an “older voter?” I realized the answer probably lay with the author. If the author is a millennial, then perhaps everything appears to be one big blur of old age after 50. Surely we must all have the same political concerns that emerge from our decrepitude. Enough about that. Read more…

When It Comes To Feminism Even Liberal Dudes Mansplain To Me On Facebook… WTH?!?!

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How do I restore my sanity? It is currently tethered to a ventilator. It took me years to cull my Facebook friends so that my virtual living room contains no more misogynistic buffoons sprawled out on sofas, bloviating until I unfriend or block them. I am left with only a handful of friends from high school and college—the ones who are not racist, sexist, or homophobic. Read more…


I’m a Mom Who Drinks, Swears and does Heroin. You Got a Problem with That?

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I gotta tell you ladies something for the good of your own souls, so listen up. There is no reason for you to worry about your parenting skills because if yerz truly can DO THIS MOTHERFUCKIN THING, so can you. There’s a bottle of wine with your name on it waiting for you at the end of the day. YOU’VE GOT THIS. Read more…

Blogging It Forward

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When Lisa Kaplin invited me to participate in a blog hop a few weeks ago, I had no idea what that was, but soon understood how it worked and was game to give it a try. Everyone, I’m pleased to introduce you to Lisa! Here’s her entry in the blog hop: http://smartwomeninspiredlives.com/writing-well/

Here are my thoughts on why I write and the process I use to write:

A lot of my writer friends talk about how they’ve wanted to write professionally since they were children, but that isn’t exactly true for me. I did win some writing awards and was a student that teachers encouraged to pursue writing, but I frankly never took it seriously because I did not think I could make a go of it and support myself with writing. It’s not that I didn’t believe in myself—I actually did. I just never thought of writing as a career goal. Read more…

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