richard wright quote

That’s my favorite quote about writing, and it sums it up pretty well. This is a gallery of my writing and includes pages with links to my blogging, freelance writing, newspaper columns, and book. Sometimes I get hired to write and sometimes I just do it because I love it so much and feel I have something worth saying. The topics you will find on this site are quite varied, as are the places where my writing has been published. I write fairly often about parenting, education, child psychology, gender, media and culture. Occasionally I write comedy or satire because it’s fun. Sometimes I write about politics, mostly when I’m riled up about something. There might be a few pieces of writing on here that are downright snarky, but if there are, it’s for a darn good reason. You will find a compassionate and liberal worldview here. If that appeals to you, welcome, and come on in!

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