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Restoring Sanity in the Blogosphere: Discovering Godwin’s Law

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I have never been so excited about writing a blog post as I am right now. You know that feeling you have when you find out that something incredibly bizarre and horribly annoying that you’ve noticed and discussed with people for years is not in your head, and actually has a name, and even its own Wiki?! A total sanity-validator. More in a moment. Read more…

Human Equality: An Allegory

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Once upon a time, in a country very much like our own, there was plenty of food, but there were established customs about eating it. People had theories, but no one knew for sure where the rules came from, or who was enforcing them, just that things had been done this way for a long time. The rules were not written down, but everyone understood them, having learned them from their parents, or from society, or perhaps never having learned them well at all, such that they seemed eternally surprising. Read more…

Why Boys Are Failing in an Educational System Stacked Against Them

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang that we should teach our children well and feed them of our dreams, but for millions of parents of sons, dreams are only that, and boys are falling behind educationally at an alarming rate in this country. Richard Whitmire, author of Why Boys Fail, Michael Gurian, author of The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and in Life, and many other authors and educational experts proclaim that we have a crisis in the education of boys in this country. The media attention to this topic has been extensive in recent years, yet I do not see the systemic changes that are needed. Read more…

The Gender Pendulum

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The day I met Jean Kilbourne I was in Dallas attending the International Boys’ School Coalition’s annual conference. Ms. Kilbourne showed the large international audience of mostly men and a few women her groundbreaking video, “Killing Us Softly,” about advertising’s representation of femininity in mass media, and how damaging it is to the self-esteem of girls and women and to the ways boys and men view them. Read more…

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